American Academy facilitates learning Sanskrit

American Academy facilitates learning Sanskrit

One thought on “American Academy facilitates learning Sanskrit

  1. Dear madom / Sir / friends / yellies
    This language is mother of all languages. Sanskrirt is deva basha,( Deva Nagari) in yuga’s starting this bhasha is using in devitas and this is similar to all languages. see this pronounciation (kattira (seazer) is telugu, Cutter is English, kutharaha is sanskrit French german I dont know after i will try .I think Tharkha sastra is in english Lingvistics. one akshara is cutting into several peaces. each sigment is very meaningful for example siva is lord rudra va sivaa is rudrani or hari and hara e kara and ah kara sanskrit and sangeetam is satvaguna other languages are rajo and tomo gunas Few means fire, earth, water, that is symbolic presentation of court law fire indicates red earth endicates black, water indicates white these three are judge or judgement symbol. tridandi (3 tatvas) brahma ,abrahma, ibrahma, “O” namaha (means onam ) “:O ” means brahma nama namaskara ome means sadyo. that is parant . viboodhi 3 rakha’s are (aum01st line is rajo guna aakara 2nd ah. 2nd line sa.tva guna is ukara, 3rd line is tamo guna makaara or makka ra makhara, simple puzzel kavi (sadalika) brain eating ilage unnu every thesis books reference to they give vedas and upanishads each and every technology and studies to these link exact meaning i don’t know but one person is getting one or two degrees duration period is nearly about 5,6 years but we will not got all over universal technology and knowledge it is very long process. every wing is separate different things and god is giving huge amount of knowledge but we are not utilize proper way . Some people are using correctly. fire kills water after we will take yash or coal coal matante coalu kontadu manam jyanam lo melukonte brahma vale nuntam ledantae andhakara.kakara jnaya khorost is plus mark that also same meaning ” kadha add to ukku” A STOP E STOP ENDUKU
    thanks for ur co-operation and thanks to yoma gama.

    with reg

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