e-Journal “सुसंस्कृत पाक्षिक”

Below is only an image.

For reading the journal visit www.susanskrit.org

One thought on “e-Journal “सुसंस्कृत पाक्षिक”

  1. I ever will have a way to properly thank you Sir. For more than forty years I, during my free times as sometimes using also the not free ones, am studying Sanskrit with an acceptable success for one who studied, most of the time, alone. But, in a repent, a group of things happen and my deep needed has been fulfilled: the Sanskrit. Even if I will pass away in the next seconds, this is already achieved. Of course that there is a lot yet to be accomplished but if I did reach this point one of the responsible people are you Sir.
    My deeply thanks are not enough and even because I see my child progressing in this so excellent language as, already, in the intrinsic cultural wisdom that is kept in the Sanskrit since the night of times.
    I renew my thanks knowing the emptiness caused by the ‘this is not enough to thank a so big soul.’

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